The Following Trophys have been won over the years in the league by the team:

Wins R/Up
ADA Singles 19 9
Super Premier League 18 1
Scott Campbell 14 4
Gaslamp Trophy 13 6
ADA Doubles 12 6
Donald Taylor 12 2
Brig Inn Trophy 11 7
George Baxter Trophy 9 4
Royals Shield (singles) 8 3
Embassy Trophy 7 3
Leonard Pairs 6 0
Premier League 5 3
Fountain Trophy 4 4
Bill Masson (singles) 1 1


Season 1998/1999 was a very special one for the Masada team. Never before had a team gone through the entire  top flight league  without dropping a point. To highlight this feat Colin Cameron (owner) presented the team with a glass trophy with the words "Dream Team" engraved upon.

The following players were the ones to achieve this:

Bob Taylor, Davey Knowles, Gary Coutts, Stuart Slessor, Gordon Stewart, Jim Forbes, Jim Stewart, Aaron Proctor, Bob Henderson, Brian Sammons, Ian Mackay and Richie Byrne.

Ian Wright and Derek Hay were also signed for the team.